Open Source Inventory Management

Blazing Fast Part Search

The search functionality of PartKeepr allows you to search for many fields in seconds - no matter how many parts you've got.1 You can also search for stock levels, order numbers, manufacturers, distributors and more.

Looking for similar parts you might have in stock? The upcoming parametric search2 of PartKeepr lets you find parts as you are used to from your favourite distributors.

Your Part Data - Edit Everything

You can enter all relevant data of your part - including as many distributors, manufacturers and attachments as you require.

It is also possible to enter any part parameters you require. You can define any unit you like, may it Ohms, Lux, Newton or Becquerel. That data can be used in the upcoming parametric search to find similar parts.

The integration with Octopart3 makes entering parts very quick, as all relevant part data including datasheets and images can be downloaded from Octopart.

Keep Track of your Stock

Any additions or removals from the stock are tracked with the amount of parts added/removed, the user, their price and optional comments. The global stock history view allows you to review any additions or removals from the whole inventory.

Filtering by any parts which undercut the configured minimum stock level allows you to find any parts which need reordering.

Usability is key

PartKeepr was developed with usability as its first priority. You can sort and filter by virtually any field, drag and drop parts into any category, hide and show additional fields as required and customize the layout of PartKeepr as you require.

CSV and Excel export as well as CSV import helps you to interface with external systems. Barcode Scanner support allows you to retrieve part data without touching the keyboard.

1. Fast fulltext search requires a 3rd-party fulltext search engine like Apache Solr. Details will be specified as soon as this feature is completed. Fulltext search without a fulltext search engine might be slower with many parts.
2. The parametric search is currently under development and will be featured in one of the next releases of PartKeepr.
3. An OctoPart API key is required for operation; you can get a free API Key at the OctoPart API website